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Suraya Sam

Director of Ascend Yoga Therapy
Suraya Sam | Young Living Yoga • Young Living Singapore
Suraya is an indigo child that believes in the ability to heal oneself and others using one’s own energy. This knowledge was passed down to her from three generations of healers in her family. Her goal is to teach people how to cope with challenges in their lives and overcome what they think are shortcomings through healthy living and self-realization. 

Suraya also founded Ascend Yoga Therapy, a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, as a platform to help and guide one to understand the sacred science of yoga through the Chakra system. An essential oil lover herself, she uses Young Living Essential Oils, meditation, and sound therapy to complement her classes and to provide a holistic experience for her students.

Catch Suraya in our next essential oil infused yoga event! 

Follow Suraya on Instagram here: @TheSurayaSam

Brandon Chong

Co-Founder & Managing Director of Yoga Instiinct
Brandon Chong
Brandon is a strong believer in guiding students to build a strong yoga foundation by incorporating movement with alignment. Through yoga, Brandon aspires to help students balance their minds & bodies, which in turn assists with their personal growth so that they develop a good relationship with themselves. Brandon also co-founded his yoga studio, Yoga Instiinct, as a space for personal exploration, to allow one to stay present so that both mind and body can connect. He strongly believes in Young Living Essential Oils, and incorporates them in the classes that he teaches and around his studio to help create focus on the five senses of his students and to create more awareness on breath and breathing for wellness.

Catch Brandon in our next essential oil infused yoga event!  

Follow Brandon on Instagram here: @branstands

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