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Discover the harmonic benefits of yoga and aromatherapy through pure essential oils

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It's our mission to introduce the harmonic benefits of yoga & aromatherapy through essential oils.

Recap of 2018:

Inspire: Upgrade Your Yoga Practice with Aromatherapy

On 27th to 28th August, Yoga instructors, Yoga teachers-in-training and enthusiasts from Singapore and overseas joined us at our training workshop at Real Yoga to learn how they can enhance their practice and teaching with the benefits of aromatherapy through pure essential oils! 

Participants walked away with a better understanding on how to use essential oils in yoga practice through aromatherapy to enhance the experience and self-care tips to nourish the mind, body and soul.

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Balance PRO:
A 2-Day Wellness Retreat

Young Living Singapore hosted the Balance PRO: 2-Day Wellness Retreat at Novotel Singapore on Stevens on 25th and 26th August 2018. This intimate retreat session provided attendees with insights and tips on how to relax their minds, recreate their wellness, and recharge their business, and was led by local and international experts such as Ed Dailey, Tamara Packer, Lindsey Elmore, Karen Cornejo, Faith Teo, and Jones Liew.

Head over to @younglivingsg on Instagram to check out our Instastories for Balance PRO! Thank you for joining us at Balance PRO Retreat. We hope you had fun, and gained valuable tips. See you next year! 

Yoga with Essential Oils Studio Tour

Open to all levels of experience, Ed demonstrated how aromatherapy enhances yoga practice, and how essential oils can also support emotional cleansing. The use of Young Living essential oils will balance body and emotions while bringing harmony to your energy centres. 

Participants walked away feeling relaxed, motivated, and rejuvenated, after being equipped with self-care tips and techniques to restore wellness. 

Wellness Workshops at Young Living Singapore

Young Living Senior Global Educator, Ed Dailey, also conducted a series of Wellness Workshops at the Young Living office during his visit to Singapore. Participants took away tips on self-care and lifestyle improvements that can be easily shared with others and practiced in their daily lives.
Young Living Yoga • Young Living Singapore
A mission to introduce the harmonic benefits of yoga and aromatherapy through pure essential oils